Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pan Grilled Salmon with Shimeji, carrot n baby beans

Wash n pat dry salmon fillet.
Marinate with spices n olive as per pics shown.

Prep vegies, wash n pat dry.
Carrots, zucchini, sweetpea, brocolli, cauliflower, shitake, button mushrooms, capsicums, asparagus are some of the vegies that is suitable for grilling.

Grill salmon on hot skillet, skin side down, best use non stick pan
While grilling, add in some grated ginger n garlic to add fragrance to the oil.
This also helps to get rid of the salmony smell n flavour the vegies.
When the skin is brown n crispy turn it over and add in the vegies to save time.
Alternatively, u can completely grill the fish then grill the vegies.
U can season the vegies earlier but i prefer to season them in the pan while grilling,

Besides the seasoning shown i also sprinkle some chicken stock during cooking process.

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