Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beater Blade

If anyone is not aware yet, there is this kitchen mixer attachment which can replace the flatbeater called Beaterblade.
It works just like the flatbeater only better. It scrapes the sides of the bowl while mixing, thus you don't have to stop the machine every now and then to scrape the sides of the bowl manually.
With the Beaterblade, ingredients are e
venly mixed , giving more effective and consistent results. It makes the job easier and faster too.

I was so impressed by its performance that i made an enquiry directly to New Metro Designs when i purchased the Kenwood KM020 and was attended to by Mr Gary Fallowes. He told me that they have the CDV-7 which is meant for a 7 quart mixer bowl and that it might be able to work for my Kenwood KM020.

See the demo for yourself at

As he wasn't sure himself, i settled for the Flexibeater (the dark grey beater in the picture below) which comes with my Kenwood 020. As i am not a serious baker, i thought the Flexibeater works fine enough for me.

Today, I received a package from Mr Gary Fallowes of New Metro Designs. It contained the Beaterblade CDV-7 meant for a 7 quart mixer bowl such as Cusinart, Viking and Delonghi, Gary is so sweet to sent me a new set of the Beaterblade to see if it works on the Kenwood.

Thank you so much Gary, i can't wait to experiment it!

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