Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Special packed cookies for a Dear Friend's Valentine's order.....

This is a Special Packed Valentine's Gift for her Special Someone, hmmm... i wonder who eh?
It contains Fill My Heart Cookie, Mini Chocolate Chippies, Almond Pecan Chocolate Chippies and Nutty M&M Cookies.
This one's packed in a coin bank for her friend's son's birthday!
Containing Nutty M&M Cookies
This is my first attempt wrapping a coin bank... not bad eh!This one is a Valentine's Gift for her teachers....
Each box contains 1 pkt of Fruity Cornflake & 1 pkt of Almond Pecan Chocolate Chippies.
I hope her teachers would appreciate her thoughtfulness and generosity.
This one is a Special Valentine Gift for her from me...
It contains a packet each of the following
Fill My Heart Cookies
Almond Pecan Chocolate Chippies
Nutty M&M Cookies
Mini Chocolate Chippies
Fruity Cornflake
Hope she likes it...

Almond Pecan Oatmeal ChippiesThis is my special creation called 'Fill My Heart'.


Ur Test Subject said...

The cookies will not only will Fill My Heart it is sure to Fill Me Tummy too...Can't wait to chomp on it...Yum! he he

Jedi Ynnar Ziaf said...

i like your cookies especially your SUNFLOWER COOKIES why don't you make the heart shaped cookies the one that has the chocolate chip.i wish you all the best for your hobby!can you make more of your SUNFLOWER COOKIES sell them to me i will be so HAPPY BYE!

Mima's Oven said...

Hi ur test subject, i guess you know who you are, he he... I'm sure it will fill your tummy if you chomp the whole bottle of it but beware of the consequences!

Hi Jedi,
Thanks so much for the compliments on my Sunflower Crispies, i will definitely bake more sunflower cookies for you darling. And thanks for the suggestion, i've tried baking the heart-shaped cookie with a white choc chip on top but it didnt turn out well... the flavour just didnt click. Cherry adds a pleasant flavour to the cookies. You've got to try them...